Trauma Counselling

Using the TRTP (The Richards Trauma Process)

Get Your Life Back

  • Counselling can be done online using TRTP and usually takes the form of 3 – 4 sessions. Each one building on the last. 
  • An initial introductory call is required and we will then book in three or four sessions of approximately 2 hours each. 
  • The first session will be the beginning of the process. It is a step by step process, so it is essential that clients book in for the three sessions. 
  • The second session is where the main work is done. This session is done a week after the first session. 
  • The third session is tying up anything that has not been sorted and then looking to the future. It can be done a week or two after the second session. 
  • A follow-up session is booked for a month after the three/four sessions. 
  • It is a fabulous process; a wonderful experience. 
  • Please feel free to check out the two websites: and 
  • Face-to-face counselling can also be carried out when allowed. Again, it usually takes the form of a pre-conference call, and then 3 – 4 sessions as above! 

Vision Board Workshops

Visualisation is one of the strongest tools in your success toolbox. Make sure you use it! Jack Canfield 
Vision Board Workshops are a great way to help you visualise and plan your goals. Many of the great inspirational speakers and others out there, use a Vision Board as a means to pinpoint their focus on their goals… it really helps! Not only does it help you to focus, but it helps you to take responsibility for your life.

Vision Board Workshops

Vision Board Workshop can be carried out with a total of between one and eight. Group work is great fun!

We will need approximately 3 hours to complete the workshop. Please get in touch to book in advance, as time is needed to collect materials and inspiration for the board!

Let’s get clear on what TRTP™ is not

TRTP™ is not cognitive or emotional focused therapy, exposure therapy, soma therapy. It does not use CBT, EMDR, EFT, ACT etc. Nor is it based in any of these therapies. As one graduate said,” I don’t think I’d put your work in any of those categories and that in itself is intriguing.’

What TRTP™ is

TRTP™ is an elegantly simple, yet comprehensive, step-by-step process which resolves extreme trauma and trauma-related issues – anxiety, depression, fears and phobias. It achieves results quickly, effectively and safely – generally in 3 sessions.

It is a truly eclectic therapy. It is a very structured, yet dynamic process. It includes components of Gestalt, Mindfulness, Ego-state Therapy, Choice Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Parts Therapy, Emotion-focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Dream Rehearsal Therapy and others.

It is a dynamic, rich and sequenced series of steps, which, if separated would not be anywhere near as powerful. It is unique. It allows space for the individual client’s needs to be met.

TRTP™ makes use of deep imagination. Deep imagination is used in order to deal with trauma where it is stored – in the Subconscious and in the body. (Levine, van der Kolk, Rothschild, Ogden).

TRTP™ is in alignment with the two requirements stated by van der Kolk, Levine and other trauma experts: For trauma to be resolved –
the person must (somehow) be moved to an empowered position in regard to the trauma the body must (somehow) know that the event / events are over TRTP™ initially deals with the underlying, unconscious core beliefs which keep a person stuck in patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour. In dealing with this at the beginning of the process, self-sabotage is avoided during the following therapy.

TRTP™ then takes the emotional charge from the past, moving the client to a place of empowerment in relation to the trauma. Because deep imagination is used, the therapist can then speak directly to the body and to the unconscious. The client is shifted from fight/flight/freeze and moved to an empowered, self-regulated state. The sympathetic nervous system is calmed. The memory of the trauma is placed firmly in the past.

The client quickly moves from their state of fight, flight, freeze – ‘I’m not safe!’ To, ‘It’s over. I’m safe now…’ Calm returns, on all levels. Symptoms cease. TRTP™ does not merely address the symptoms of trauma. It deals with the underlying cause of the problem, removing the emotional charge from the past and returning the person to a state of empowerment, returning the sympathetic nervous system to calm.

One client had huge difficulties with mental health. Her feelings may well have been expressed in the following poem, and now her transformation is visible in her vision board: Well done you courageous woman, leaving the past behind, and finding a Hope and a Future!

Lightening Up

From the depths of despair,
When nothing seemed clear,
I didn’t even have time for self-care!
Everything was grey and drear
It seemed simpler to end it all
I didn’t even have the energy to call
Out for help –  anyway who would respond?
Somehow I found out about TRTP
I picked up the phone just to see
If there could be any help for me?
After the first session, I couldn’t believe
That there was less anxiety – a reprieve!
From the mental merry-go-round
The changes have been profound
My friends look at me amazed
And now I am getting praised
For stepping out,
Getting out and about
Noticing a world full of colour,
When before it was a drab pallor
Now there is a future and a hope
I’ve been given tools to help me cope
With all that life brings.
Now my heart sings!