Re-discover yourself

Re-discover yourself

Many people are stuck in insidious situations where the events have snuck up on them and it has not been easy to be objective. It is essential to take action, to rediscover yourself. Experience healing from the pain and loss, and step into new opportunities and directions to go and explore.

I decided to help people, who felt like I once had and Flourish88 was created, to help you flourish as I did. Now is the time to take action, do not waste any more time! There is a whole lot of LIFE to be lived yet!
In 2019 I found TRTP. (The Richards Trauma Process). It has helped me and has and is helping my clients to gain LIFE. Unlocking unconscious core beliefs, and gaining freedom and the right to be themselves.

One of my clients graciously wrote to me in his Christmas card, ten months after his 3 TRTP sessions:
“Where do I start, you have given my mind a restart. My mind is stronger, I still feel lighter in the steps and my shoulders don’t feel heavy.”

That was one awesome Christmas present! I was so thrilled to hear this from him, and to know that he is an expectant father! So good!!

Allow me to introduce you to

The TRTP Process will give you the chance to get your LIFE back on track

  • Trauma causes the structure and function of the brain to change. 
  • These changes are outside of our conscious control – they are a subconscious response. 
  • The TRTP of the model is based on the idea that it is the unconscious that runs our patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour/way of being. 
  • TRTP works with the subconscious. 
  • TRTP changes a person’s experience of being. This automatically changes how a person thinks and feels. 
  • TRTP goes to the cause of distress – the feeling of ‘I’m not safe’ which is caused by distressing events continuing to play in the subconscious and body as if they are happening now. These distressing events have not been stored in memory properly. 
  • TRTP returns a person to ‘It’s over and I’m safe now’ by turning off those distressing events and storing them in long term memory. 
  • TRTP restores the ability for automatic self-regulation after a distressing event – homeostasis. 
  • TRTP – the gift that keeps on giving 

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I have PTSD and I have tried CBT, EMDR and TRTP and if I had to describe the difference between these three treatment modalities, I would say CBT targets the conscious mind, EMDR targets both the conscious and subconscious mind somewhat effectively, while TRTP targets only the subconscious mind and does so effectively. Trauma in my experience is like a virus infecting a laptop, if it infects 1 or 2 programs, then all you need to do is uninstall those programs and then reinstall them and that is what CBT and EMDR do, but what happens if the virus infects the entire operating system? What if now your laptop works but glitches often, what do you do? You need to format the laptop and install a new operating system, and that is what TRTP does.