About Fran Nguyen

My name is Fran Nguyen. I was born in the UK but have worked in Hong Kong, Pakistan, Australia and the UK. My 3 boys were all born in Australia!

Currently, I am living in the UK and am working from home. I have been a Registered Nurse for over 40 years and have mostly worked in the Accident and Emergency Department. At the same time, I undertook my Counselling training and received my Masters in Counselling in 2010. Since then I have been counselling in Australia and the UK. I qualified as a TRTP practitioner in 2020, and have seen my clients benefit hugely from this wonderful modality. I am excited to help others get their lives back. As it has taken me years to find myself again, having been robbed of my joy through a tough marriage and breakup. LIFE is for LIVING! I have got my joy back!

Life is never easy, but some things are harder than others! My 3 boys and I found that living with someone who has PTSD is stressful, to say the least!

At first, I did not realise that my husband had PTSD, but as our marriage grew, there were more and more indicators; spontaneous outbursts/rage. The short temper. The triggers. The never-being-good-enough. The stone-walling. The blocking of access to bank accounts. The robbing of confidence. The undermining of achievements. The criticism. The joy-stealing… Eventually, the threats increased and I feared for our safety. We left the home after 23 years of marriage. It has taken us years to work through some of the stuff. My boys are still processing their journeys, as am I! All three of my boys have found good partners, and are making their way in life. I am immensely proud of each one of them.

Matters of Life by Fran Nguyen

This book was written for anyone who has ever had a bad day, month or year.  
Matters of Life reminds us that hope is always just around the corner – if only we can find the courage to pursue it.  
Peppered with inspirational quotes from history’s most celebrated thinkers, this captivating tale set in a small biblical village encourages us to:  
  • Take nothing for granted  
  • Be grateful for life’s lessons 
  • Take responsibility for who you are  
  • Never give up

I have PTSD and I have tried CBT, EMDR and TRTP and if I had to describe the difference between these three treatment modalities, I would say CBT targets the conscious mind, EMDR targets both the conscious and subconscious mind somewhat effectively, while TRTP targets only the subconscious mind and does so effectively. Trauma in my experience is like a virus infecting a laptop, if it infects 1 or 2 programs, then all you need to do is uninstall those programs and then reinstall them and that is what CBT and EMDR do, but what happens if the virus infects the entire operating system? What if now your laptop works but glitches often, what do you do? You need to format the laptop and install a new operating system, and that is what TRTP does.